If you would prefer to add that extra personal touch, you may choose to have your session take place in your own home.

You may also prefer this option to help you feel a little more at ease.

How to prepare your home:

  • Open up all curtains and blinds
  • If it is a hot day have your aircon on for extra comfort
  • De-clutter all areas of the home you may want to use
  • Have all your family members got plans? Have the place to yourself
  • Add fresh flowers for that extra special touch
  • Have some music playing
  • Cut all your tags off your outfits and have them laid out in another room with their accessories
  • Pour yourself a glass of wine- It’s time to relax!

Hotel or Studio

Please chat to me about studio hire for information on this wonderful studio venue.

There are also a few hotels I regularly use and love!

This option allows for a hassle-free experience, no cleaning required, just walk in and enjoy.

How to choose your hotel/room and prepare:

Talk to me about your options

You will require a room with plenty of light

The main bedroom will need to be at the front of the room with large windows preferably with a verandah

Try to opt for a room on the higher levels and possibly a corner room

Cut all your tags off your outfits and have them laid out in another room with their accessories

Have the aircon running at a comfortable temperature

Have some music playing

Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax


Get back to nature, try something a little daring and sexy.

If you’re looking for something a little different this option could be for you.

If you’re not sure where or find this idea hard to envision then talk to me to organise the perfect location.

How to Prepare..

A few helpful tips to help you prepare for your session.

  • Wash your hair the night before your session so it is fresh and ready for your hair stylist
  • Wax/shave one or two days before your session depending on how your skin reacts to these treatments
  • Moisturise your skin in all areas every day the week leading up to your session
  • Have your hair and make up planned and organised as soon as possible, including scheduling in colour and cut if needed several days before your session so you are not left with stains on your skin
  • Bring touch up makeup if the makeup artist is not on set
  • Keep yourself Hydrated keep your skin happy and healthy with plenty of water
  • Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure
  • Stay out off the sun, it is very important to avoid getting sunburnt and having distinctive tan lines or red skin
  • Get plenty of rest… get your beauty sleep on girlfriend!
  • Let’s talk spray tans, I personally do not recommend them however I understand you may feel more comfortable getting one. If this is the case I recommend only leaving your tan on for the minimum time recommended by your beautician. This will ensure a more natural look.

If you are not a regular tanner please follow these tips:

  • Book your appointment for at least 2 days before your session
  • Exfoliate before your appointment
  • Apply moisturiser to your underarms, bottoms of feet and palms of hands just before you get sprayed {they should have moisturiser available but it never hurts to take your own}
  • Moisturise day and night after your tan so it is still fresh for your session


Local Hair & Makeup

  • Bloom makeup
  • Cutting edge boutique
  • Wink for hair
  • Envy beauty therapy
  • Pro makeup studio

Local lingerie shops (Stockland Rockhampton):

  • Bras and Things
  • Best and Less
  • Big W
  • City Chic

Online lingerie shops:

  • Victoria Secret
  • Honey Birdette
  • Blush Bras and Lingerie

The Process..

I will guide you through the process, helping with styling, location, hair and make-up and posing on the day.

All your nerves will melt away during our session. You’ll get a chance to see how amazing you look, realise how comfortable and guided I make you feel and you will be 100% positive you made the right decision to invest in this session.

Your boudoir session will take approximately 2 hours, sometimes a little longer because we are having so much fun!

I understand you might be nervous but I promise you that there is nothing to be nervous about. These sessions are so much fun and give you the chance to feel and look amazing, because you are!

In addition to being a passionate photographer, I am also a loving wife and devoted mother of two beautiful children.... and let's not forget our fur babies!

We love to camp and go on adventures under the stars.

I am in love with the beauty that surrounds us, this is what life is about, loving and being loved.

I started dating my husband in primary school and we have been together ever since.

Do I believe in love stories….you bet!

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