You wouldn't think true love could begin with a first date almost ending in disaster, but Kelsey's efforts were a total knock-out! She left Michael seeing stars and a little giddy, though neither is sure if it was from all the effort made to impress him with that paddock picnic or the pandanus branch she accidentally pulled down onto Michael's head. All we do know is they fell harder for each other than a branch ever could!

Either way, they found themselves under that same pandanus palm, newly married and both a little giddy from all excitement (no falling branches this time).

As they savoured the fresh air and gorgeous afternoon light, I took the opportunity to capture their love for each other in the place it all began along with David Webster Videographer & DWV Films.

Congratulations Kelsey and Michael, it was a pleasure photographing one of the most beautifully styled weddings I've ever seen in CQ, and a big thanks to Kelsey's mum Dorothy for all the attention to detail that left me feeling like I was photographing the wedding of a couple of movie stars!

Videographer: David Webster Videographer & DWV Films

Location: Family property Palmvale Dairy Wedding Venue 

Bouquets: Shannon Hawkes Artisan Florals

Dress: Gladstone Bridal Boutique